Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mini Ms. Pearl (Quilt)

You probably remember that I started quilting because of this quilt I made for Abby last year.  Well, that quilt was a queen size, and I knew it would be way to big for her for quite some time.  I wanted to make something that she could grow into and that would last her a long time.

Though we use the big quilt nearly every day I knew I also wanted to make something smaller for her that she could have and carry around now.  So, when the pattern I chose for her quilt came with a scrap saver option I knew I was in luck.  A scrap saver pattern means that you use the pieces you'd normally toss and recreate something else with them. 

So, you'll recognize the fabrics from the front of her quilt as ones we used during her weekly photo project.  That's what makes this quilt so special!!  There's been lots of love and time put into this quilt.

The pattern itself was pretty simple.  Just HST (half square triangles) arranged into a chevron pattern.  The backing was the fun part on this one.  I used Dreamlandia from Hawthorn Threads.  I think part of why I like choosing backing is because you can pick big bold prints like this and you can really see the fabric since it's not cut into smaller pieces.

The binding is called Stripe in Black by Alice Kennedy and it will likely be showing up in many of my quilts to come.  I am totally copying off one of my favorite quilting bloggers Rita at Red Pepper Quilts with this binding.  She uses it all the time and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I ordered 4 yards of it a few months back to stock pile for future quilts.  I've found that my local quilt store doesn't stock much in the way of modern quilting fabrics so I do lots of online ordering to get the bright, happy, wild you see me using.

The quilt measures 36x40 and is the PERFECT size for Abby.  I actually modeled the size after a blanket she already loves.  This size is fast to quilt and great for little ones to drag around.  Look for more quilts in this size coming from me!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Snow 2014

Ekk!!  I totally forgot I had these pictures to post. They are from a few weekends ago when we got enough snow for Abby to get excited about it.

She remembers snow from last year but she was really too little to go outside and play in it and it was much too cold to take her outside other than getting around for errands and to get to work. 

This year though?  This year its a whole new ball game.  Abby was so excited to go out and play in the snow. We were a little caught off guard by it and didn't have proper snow pants/gloves etc for her.  A quick trip to target and probably too much money later we left with boots, snow pants, a sled and a little shovel all for Abby. 

This kid, she loves anything outside, especially sledding with Daddy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Party 2014

If you've been reading the blog for awhile you know that my husband loves his Halloween can see all of our past parties herehere, and here.  Last year I vowed that I'd be better about getting pictures of all our friends who put time and energy into their costumes just to come hang with us.  Well, here's the round up from 2014.

If you can't tell, we were Mario, Princess and Toadstool from Mario cart.

Baby Stella was a cow with her two farmer parents it tow.

Greg and Meg, well, this one went over my head.  Greg is Billy Madison and Meg, well clearly she's a penguin but there's an obscure movie tie in there that I DID NOT's a link, if you needed help like me.  Check out that creeper Mario in the background!

Sarah, well, I'll give you a second to guess.  Did you get it?  Clever.  Chicken Cord-on-Blue....get it??  Dan, he was this guy from Office Space.  TPS reports and all.  (In all fairness, I didn't get this one either).

Betsy was Wonder Woman, Pat showed up in this strange onsie that he just happened to have on hand....NOT for a Halloween costume (strange *smile) and Anthony was some flannel clad mountain man.

I'm sure I've missed a few costumes here and there but I really did much better than I did last year.  Everyone commented on how weird it is that the parties have changed from being all out drink fests with the cops coming by multiple times to babies running the show until bedtime and parents calling it a night long before the wee hours of the morning (hey, we made it til 1am this year).  In my opinion though, this party was the best kind.  One where were surrounded by our favorite friends all sitting around chatting and having a great time.  Thanks to everyone who came out and helped my husband realize that we are still in fact young at heart!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pumpkin Carving 2014

If you live in the Midwest you know that this Halloween the weather was less than ideal.  When it SNOWED on my way to work in the morning I had serious doubts about if we'd make it out Trick or Treating.

Luckily Abby is still just a little too young to know that's she's missing out so we decided to forgo Trick or Drinking (yes, an annual tradition coined by my parents and their friends when WE were kids...I'm sure you can figure out how happens all on your own), and carve pumpkins in the nice warm house.

Abby was NOT a fan of touching the pumpkin goo.  She was perfectly happy sitting close and watching me to do the messy work.  She was however excited when she finally saw the pumpkin all lit up.

The funniest part?  When we all commented about how carving pumpkins used the take FOR.EV.ER when we were kids.  Zach reminded us that it was probably because our parents were drinking the whole time.  HA!  It sounds like I'm bashing them, but I'm really idolizing them....they know how to have a good time!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

1 Family x 12 (November)

Just 2 days into November and we've already got our family photo for this month.  I'll have a full Halloween post coming your way later this week but for now, here's our family costume for this year.  In case you didn't get it, we're Mario, Princess and Toadstool from Mario Cart.  Thanks Ellyn for the great costumes once again!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

I thought I was pretty smart this year when I suggested we go to the pumpkin patch on a Friday afternoon to avoid the huge crowds.  Well, I was right, we had the place pretty much to ourselves....the only issue was, it was freezing cold!!

Goeberts is just minutes from our house so going on the off times really is a good idea.  Especially for Abby.  She tends to be timid when it comes to new things and loud places.  There were tons of activites and areas for kids but her two favorite (by far) were this giant corn box and the pumpkin eating dinosaur (below).

We've been hearing about this dino for weeks now.  See that little red shed to the far right hand side.  Someone must control the dinosaur from in there.  Every hour this guy wakes up and starts talking and snorting smoke out his nose.  He moves up and down and side to side and will duck down to pick up one of the pumpkins laying on the ground only to smooosh it between those big white teeth of his.  Abby loved it!!!

Who am I did Ryan.  Just look at those smiles!

The other huge hit was this giant box of corn.  Believe me when I tell you that I'm STILL finding corn kernels around the house.  Abby even had them stuck in her diaper and I found some in my Northface pocket just yesterday.  Ryan is convinced that we should build one of these instead of a sandbox.  He also thought we should make a bed out of it...yeah right!

They had TONS of animals at the pumpkin patch too.  Like two giant giraffes, a tiger, camels, lamas and all the other assorted petting zoo animals you'd normally expect.  We thought she'd have loved the animals more but the giant parrot screaming at the front door sort of scared her to start off with.  He was just a little too loud for her liking.

Oh, and I forgot...the other huge hit?  Apple cider donuts of course! You can't go to the pumpkin patch and miss out on hot cider donuts.  Abby loved them just as much as her Mommy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

1 Family x 12 (October)

I keep forgetting to hit "post" on this here's our family picture for October.  It's from our bike ride on the world's coldest camping trip.  Abby was more excited about "I see da cows Mommy" than anything else....but another family picture in the books.